Saturday, December 5, 2009

Go Cheethas!

It has been a great experience for me to coach the Cheetahs in the past 3 years. I enjoyed coaching the team. It was a big deal for me. Here is what we wrote in our 2006 family holiday letter.

"Coaching soccer: Influenced by his big brother, Nicholas decided to play soccer. Faced with nobody volunteering to be the coach, Allan decided to give it a try. Lily rushed to the library and borrowed a bunch soccer coaching books for Allan to read. We bought training gears for the 8 little players on team Cheetahs. Most of them were very excited to learn how to play. The first practice went well and the rest was not hard. Nicholas really loves to kick the soccer ball. It was fun to watch him chasing the ball and kick it into the goal. Kids’ progress in the games, parents’ grateful remarks, and the cheering and excitement during the games all made volunteer coaching a satisfying experience." As a matter of fact I still have this first team picture hang in my office at work.

The players who played in the very first season of Cheetahs who are still with the team - Benjamin, Jeffey (not in the 1st group picture), Kevin, Michale, Nicholasa. The next season, we had a few players (Naman, Harshveen, Mathew) left, Daniel, Ray and Jonathan joined Cheetahs. In 2007 season, Sharan and Eric joined. In the fall of 2008, Cheetahs officially had royal blue jersy, black shorts as team uniform. We had the same roster for three seasons from 2007 fall season to spring of 2009 (team expanded to 10 players in 2009, adding rohhan and rohi, the twin brothers, who left after one season). For the fall season, we added Andrew, Eric D. and Michael C.

Some interesting statisitcs;

1) All players from last season, plus Andrew and Michael C., all scored at least once in the three years
2) Jeffrey is the most polific scorer on the team so far.
3) Cheethas has been 80 - 90% of Chinese-American boys all three years
4) Our best season was spring 2009

2007 Fall

2008 Spring

2008 Fall - when Cheethas had the royal blue shirt and black shorts as team jersey

2009 Spring - our best season - and Eric Z. finally showed up at season ending party

2009 Fall

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