Saturday, January 23, 2010

Top Family Events for the First Decade of 21st Century

In the first decade of 21st Century, our family grew, evolved and bloomed. There were a lot of ups and many downs. Looking back, several significant life events stand out.

Birth of Nicholas

In the early years of our career, it seemed that there was never a perfect time to have more children, even though we would like to have more. In this sense the birth of Nicholas was a miracle of the compromise between work and family life; it brought tremendous happiness to us.

Purchasing our first house

The purchase of the first house brought us great pride in ourselves. It was a colonial style 2 story house at northeast Ohio, beautifully landscaped, sitting on a half acre lot. I still remember the first day Lily came home to the house. When she opened the blinds of the kitchen window, we thought we were looking at a tapestry - large green meadow land, with line of trees at far end, a few horses munching by the trees - of course it was not; we were looking at our huge backyard, and horses were from the adjacent ranch. I also vividly remember our first Christmas at the house: on Christmas eve, it was getting dark, Lily was cooking in the kitchen, Christmas music was playing, Christmas lights were glittering, 4 year old Justin in a special Christmas outfit, was pulling a wagon around the sofa I was sitting, lap by lap, singing and having fun. The harmony, the beauty, the happiness over flowing from our hearts. That was the kind of life I dreamed of.

Moved to Texas

Moving to Texas was a significant milestone to our family. It was a move at the right time of our family, It was a move at the right time in our careers as well. We enjoy our jobs more, and we enjoy our life more. North Texas' abundant Sun shine, vast land just make it better.

Naturalized US Citizens

When we are settled, in addition to enjoying life, paying tax, we would like to participate in the democratic process, we want our voice to be heard. So becoming a citizen is not only significant legally, it is significant personally to us. We love this great country for freedom, democracy and laws, charity and volunteerism , now we are part of it.

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