Saturday, March 6, 2010

Winter Olympic Games

We love skiing, so naturally we had great interests in this winter Olympics. That it was being held at Vancouver, made it even more appealing since we just visited that beautiful city. Because of these, we made exceptions to the rule "no TV weekdays except evening news" , so that we, especially the boys can watch the games.

We were thrilled by the down hill skiing speed the Olympians reached, we appreciated how difficult the Slalom, Grand Slalom, Super G were, we were amazed by the aerials, we enjoyed the figure skating ..... ; Bode Miller (skiing), Lindsey Vonn (Skiing), Sean White (snow boarding), Apollo Ohno (short track) and the games were daily topics at our dinner table during these past two weeks.

I watched the games sporadically due to overtime at home. What I liked the most was figure skating. Human Stories made moving touches on some golden performances

Ice Dancing

I happened to check in at the right time that day, the best pair from Canada Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir were to skate. They were so beautiful! Their dance was even better - elegantly flowing on the ice, smoothly transition from one spin to another, matching the music perfectly - a flawless presentation, sheer beauty, a total visual enjoyment.


NBC profiled Canadian Alexandre Bilodeau before they showed his gold metal winning performance down the mogul course. Alex has a brother who suffers from cerebral palsy ( a form of paralysis that one cannot control muscles) - The profile showed how Alex taking care of his brother, and the brothers having fun together. Bilodeau said his brother helped him keep things in perspective all these years. "Even if it's raining, I'll take it, I'll go train," Bilodeau said. "He doesn't have that chance, and he's having a smile every morning he wakes up."

On the course, his disabled brother cheered him from a wheelchair, on the platform, Alex had tearing eyes as "O Canada" was played, Red Maple Flag was raised.

Shen and Zhao - Pair Figure Skating

The names were not known to me - but from NBC announcers' comments, it was apparent they were some elite figure skaters. Their story was then told in a profile. At the peak of their careers, they won Olympic Bronze for two times due to some unfortunate accidents, and then retired from skating, got married to each other. But they still had the dream of being Olympic champion, they returned to skating at age 31 (Shen Xue, the lady) and 36 (Zhao Hongbo).

They skated brilliantly in short program, and ranked 1st. They skated the last in the long program. I was rooting for them, hoping they would realize their dream, the whole arena was rooting for them - that was the power of human connection, the power of empathy.

They skated excellently with one minor mistake. At the end of their performance, he was overpowered by emotion, knelt down on the ice, buried his face in his hands; she smiled widely, waved to the crowd. They eventually became Olympic champions.

I did my best, Mom!

Canadian lady ice skater Joannie Rochette skated well, she jumped with power, spun with poise, and skated with style. At the end of her short performance, she broke into tears - her mom died suddenly four days ago while waiting to watch her game. What a determination she had to skate under the circumstance! While waiting for her score, she spoke to the camera and spoke to her mom, with tears in her eyes, in French, she said "Mommy, I did my best!" - What a poise this young woman had, what a way to remember her mom, what a character! I had tears in my eyes.

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