Saturday, August 23, 2014

Moving In Day at College

We sent Justin to college yesterday.

It is a not a brand new concept to him since he went to TAMS - a boarding high school.

But there are a few tangible changes from TAMS to college.

His distance from home changes from tens of miles to hundreds of miles. His away time from home changes from three weeks to a few months. Academic work will be much more rigorous, .....  On the first day at the college, we did not worry about any of these. We focused on move-in to the dormitory.

main building on Campus
The organization of the student move in at the university was very impressive - the process was well planned, no obvious traffic jams or slight indication of chaos. The administrators, student helpers for registrations were very capable of their duties. The student helpers and custodian staffs at the dormitory were friendly, helpful - two student helpers carried a few big boxes for us from unloading zones all the way to the room. A staff member promptly delivered a guard rail she promised. Beautiful campus, competent staffs! My favorable impression of the university just got a lot better.

We left the campus in about 90 minutes - the allotted time for unloading, then went to an off campus hotel. We went back to campus in the evening to pick Justin and two of his friends for a dinner at Hopdoddy Burger Bar - a trendy restaurant Justin picked.
Outside Hopdoddy
The restaurant is about 4.5 miles away from the campus. When we got there, there was a line outside the door - mostly young people. We waited for about 50 minutes to get to the counter to order the burgers and shakes. Another 10 minutes or so to have food delivered. The burger was good, the shakes were cold and tasty. The restaurant was crowded, noisy. But the college freshmen and a middle schooler all liked the place. One of them told me "It feels so lively!"

Inside Hopdoddy
We returned to campus around 9pm. The campus looked more beautiful at night!

In front of the dorm, mom hugged Justin longer than usual. We waved goodbye!  He started a new chapter of his life.We started a new chapter of our life as well.

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