Friday, November 4, 2016

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2016 Election

The election is 3 days away. Did you vote in early voting? If not, election day is November 8, Tuesday. Remember to cast your vote! We voted during early voting despite the bad choices this election cycle provides. 

Trump cried that the election was rigged. Clinton alleged that FBI meddled with election by disclosing additional investigation into her usage of personal email server for official business .....

We will know if the election itself is rigged or not after the election is over. 

But meddling with election process? 

Did FBI meddle with the election by releasing information about additional investigation into Clinton email gate? If there is cause for this investigation, the voters need to know, especially for those who have not voted, and undecided, then No. From news reports I saw, no Clinton supporters alleged that there was no cause for this investigation, they were outraged because of the timing of the revelation of the investigation.

There is one obvious meddling of the election process - biased media reports on the general election - no major media outlet reports about it because they are guilty. reported that "Poll: Majority of voters believe media biased against Trump". An Chicago Tribune article proclaimed "Of course the media is biased, because most of the audience is, too" But the reporter forgot what he learnt in college about one of the basic principles of journalism,  "Fairness and Impartiality".

I watch TV news, read online newspaper everyday, I observed the bias the whole election cycle, from primary to general election. During primary, the media tried really hard to crown Clinton, even when Sanders was surging. In the general election cycle, the media's bias is more aggressive - my observations are mostly superficial - positive coverage on Clinton even when the news was bad, show Clinton's attack on Trump while summarize Trump's event for him - image without audio .....

The media bias is so severe, a USA Today opinion article declared that "If you want checks and balances, vote Trump."

Voting Statistics Comparison - Asian American vs. Black

Asian Americans make 5.6 percent of the total American population. Black 12.2% of total population. As of 2016, there are 10 representatives of Asian-American descent, there are 46 black representatives. Out of 435 Representatives, Asian representation is 2.3%, half of its population percentage, black representation is 10.5%, close to its population percentage.

Asian-American participation rate in 2012 presidential election was 30%, Black's participation rate was 60%

On a local level, the city where I live has 20% Asian, 7% Black, no Asian American on the 8 member City Council, one Black council member.

The consequence of voting or not voting is significant - see how powerful black people are in American politics,  and that Asian-American's voice is frequently either not heard or ignored!!

Your Vote matters

In a democratic society, elections have impact on all aspects of our lives. On local level, it can be ordinances, bond issues, property taxes, water rate ..... On national level: Laws that impact our life directly (do you know that concealed weapons are allowed at Yellow Stone National Park?); How we live (Health care reform, Social Security Reform....); how TAX dollars are spent (wasteful spending eventually will lead to more TAX), ...... The list can go on and on.

Don't complain that you are not represented in city council, state house, congress or goverments at all levels ... Time to Vote!

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