Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Spring with Many Firsts

It has been a beautiful Spring in North Texas - the trees budded earlier, and landscape is greener than usual due to the alternating rain and shine. It is also a special Spring for me because it is a Spring with many firsts!

In February Lily and I went to our first political rally due to curiosity and I came out moved. We had our first yard sign to support a candidate for an election, and we had our first precinct walk together, and I walked precinct two more times. I  talked  a few voters into having our candidate's sign placed in their yards. Engaging is so much different from mere participating - we learned a lot about political process, appreciate the difficulty of running for an office.

precinct walk
Despite years working in oil/gas industry, an opportunity came for the first time for me to work on a rig this Spring. I was curious and excited at the same time. My team members took quite a few pictures of me working on a task as souvenir. In addition to curiosity and excitement, I appreciated the danger and risk associated with working on a rig.

a test Rig
I reviewed many papers for national/international technical journals, and listened to many PhD thesis seminars, I was invited to server as a member on PhD exam committee for the first time this spring. Though I was not particularly excited because it was no difference from review a peer's paper submitted to journals, I treated just like any other technical seminars, asking questions; what is different this time was that I also probed the candidate's understanding, and contribution.

A university campus
We become a member of Dallas Arboretum for the first time after so many years living in DFW. We used to think that becoming a member or buying a pass was not economical because we typically could not use up the embedded value. We changed our mind set now, we treat it as enjoying the membership while supporting the organization or cause.

Dallas Arboretum
When traveling, we usually eat the food we are familiar with, American, Italian, Mexican or Chinese. When we went to Austin for the Easter weekend, we ate Peruvian food for the first time just for the sake of trying something new and different!

A Peruvian Resturant 

To keep my weekly running routine started last October going, I brought running shoes and sports wears with me on my most recently business trip to Chicago. I jogged twice and ran once  ( a total of ~ 14 miles) - first time I intentionally exercised on a business trip.

Lake Front trail at Chicago Downtown

 A first can come with procession of time, it may come with opportunity, it can come with curiosity, change of mindset ...... there are many many more firsts to come ....

Explore nature, society, human nature  ..... it is exciting, thrilling .... and fun!!

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