Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dining in China

During our summer trip to China, we tasted Wanzhou Roasted Fish in Sichuan while sight-seeing at Jiu Zhai Gou; we had Beijing Roasted Duck; we enjoyed typical Chinese breakfast of  Da Bing (Chinese Pancake), Youtiao (Fried Flour Stick) and Porridge in a small restaurant by the street; we made and cooked dumplings at grandparent's apartment for the last dinner there of our trip.

Instead of the most famous restaurant for roasted duck - Quan Ju De, at Beijing, we went to Da Dong instead, a new high end restaurant as the guests of Lily's cousin. The private dinning room we used was well decorated and looked neat. The appetizers, the entrees and desserts looked nice and tasted good. (Note - Justin took all the pictures of the dishes at Da Dong)

a private dinning room at Da Dong





decoration on the table

sides for roasted duck


lobster soup

soup - steamed seafood and bitter melon

entree - eggplant

entree - meatballs

entree - fish

slicing roasted ducks by our dinning table
entree - potherb and carrot

sliced roasted duck

Roasted duck

trade marked chopsticks 


The best food we had, however, was Anhui cuisine at Cui Qing Anhui Cuisine in Beijing as the guests of Lily's sister. It was our first time to taste Anhui cuisine, and we tried the well known smelly mandarin fishes - we all loved it!! It smells stinky and tastes great as advertised. 

Grandma cooked all the meals while we stayed at her home except the last dinner  - the men and boys in the room helped her to make the dumplings. Despite that the boys needed some instructions, we made all the dumplings in less than 30 minutes. Eating dumplings is a traditional farewell meal in northern China - helping to make the dumplings made the dinner even more special for everyone.