Saturday, August 29, 2009

On the Biking Trail at Anchorage Coastline

On the last day of our Alaska trip we were at Anchorage. It was a beautiful Monday. We walked around the small downtown area in the morning and did a bit shopping. There were not many people on the streets except two group of protesters near town square - for and against health care reform.

In the afternoon, we rented bikes from a local bike rental shop and rode the bikes along Tony Knowles coastal trail. We had two wishes before setting out. One was to see Mt McKinley, the highest mountain in north America, which we hadn't been fortunate to see unveiled from the clouds. The other was to have encounters with moose, the trail was famed having moose roaming around a lot. Of the five major wild animals at Denali National Park, bear, wolf, caribou, Dall sheep and moose, moose was the only animal we had not seen.

The entrance to the trail is Elderberry Park. A slight downward slope that curves toward the sea and goes beneath a bridge started our ride. Justin and Nicholas got on their bikes and quickly raced out of sight. Lily and I had to shout after them " Stay on the right, be careful" as we got on our bikes and followed them.
The trail is paved and the first mile or so is quite flat, so Nicholas could keep pace with Justin even though he was on a much smaller bike. On the trail, there were people walking, roller skating, and biking, but definitely more bikers than joggers or roller skaters. This portion of the trail is right by the sea. Pedalling at a moderate pace, we saw sea gulls flying over the bay, snow capped mountains in the horizon, a few white clouds floating under the sunny blue sky. "I am so glad we chose to ride on this trail" , Lily exclaimed.
Around a big turn, Westchester lagoon was in front of us. There is a stream flow out of it into the sea. Justin and Nicholas stopped on the wooden bridge across the stream to take pictures of ducks in it. This bridge would be a perfect location for salmon viewing if it were salmon spawning season.
A little further down the road, the trail is in the forest, well shaded; the forest is thick, we could barely see the beach despite that it is only a couple hundred feet away from the trail. The trail becomes more wavy, a long upward slope slowed Nicholas down. Lily slowed down as well to accompany him. Justin and I moved ahead and pedaled to the top of the small hill, where there is an arc like structure, like gates at the intersection of this trail and another one. That is the the earthquake park for Good Friday Earthquake. On the shore side of the trail, there is a monument, several information boards describing earthquake in sea in general, tsunami, and Good Friday earthquake. We stopped there to look around and Nicholas and Lily arrived in a couple of minutes. We had a break there, drinking water and had some snack.

A mile or so we reached Point Woronzof, a vista, supposedly the ideal location to view Mt. McKinley, we did see snow capped mountains far away; clouds and a thin haze hid the distinctly higher Mountain. Now I could only wish to get a chance to see moose. Lily had a picture with Anchorage downtown as background. We moved ahead, next destination - Moose park.
Again, Justin and I were ahead, while pedalling we also looked into woods from time to time hoping to catch a glimpse of moose or any other wildlife. We stopped a couple of times to rest and to look around more carefully, we did not see a thing, except fresh animal droppings and tracks - Justin claimed those were bear paw prints. At 5.5 milestone, Justin stopped, he was a bit tired by now, and it was almost half of the 3 hour rental time. He decided to wait for Nicholas and mom. I pushed forward, hoping to go further a couple miles in the next few minutes and got lucky. At around 7.5 mile mark, a loud airplane noise was right above my head, I looked up, and saw a airplane, its tire, landing gear and its black belly clearly, it might be just 100 feet above me. Anchorage International Airport's runway is right by the trail, maybe less than a mile away. I stayed there a couple more minutes, watching two more landing planes and turned around.
I pedaled really hard, hoping to catch up with the rest of the family; finally I saw Lily by herself near earthquake park. She just taped the kids biking on the trail, and was waiting for me. "We saw a bull moose by the trail", she told me excitedly, " we stopped to tape it and to take picture. Nicholas was so excited he ran towards the moose, I had to shout to let him stop. The moose might be startled a bit, it crossed the road and disappeared into the woods". " Did you take pictures of it?", I asked, "No, but I did catch it on tape when it walked into the woods". "You were lucky", I said, a bit envy of their fortune. Timing is everything for wildlife sighting.

Lily suggested to tape a bit when I pedal on the trail, this excited me. So I stayed where we were and let her go ahead to prepare for the video recording. She taped me pedalling and then I taped her pedalling. We were amused of ourselves for acting like this. It was fun though.
Back on bikes, in a minute or so, a crowd was in front of us, Justin and Nicholas were off bikes, standing, bikes on the ground. Seeing us, they whispered - Moose! They were taking pictures, less than 5 yards away from the moose. A mother moose and her two cubs were right by the road, eating tree leaves. We took out camera, camcorder, started taking pictures and video recording as well. Shortly, the cubs walked on to the trail, standing there for a few seconds and walked to the beach. the mother moose looked at the cubs a few times but stayed where she was...... It was amazing!!
A few minutes later, after taking many more pictures, recording more videos, we moved on. Ready to go home.
What a bike ride!! How marvelous to end the trip like this.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

2009 Alaska Trip Highlight

We had our first ever cruise from July 31 to August 10, 2009.We boarded the cruise at Vancouver Canada.It ended at Seaward, Alaska. During each call of port, we took one or two excursions to explore Alaska Glaciers, Land and wildlife. At the end of the seven day cruise, we went on for a 2 day land tour at Danali National Park.

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11/20/2010 Autumn, Harvest and Thanksgiving

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12/4/2010 Hitch and Bike Rack

12/11/2010 Bass Performance Hall Ballet - The Nutcracker

12/18/2010 Turtle and kids' eduction

12/24/2010 Our 7th Ski Trip to Taos Ski Valley

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5/14/2011 On the road - temporarily stranded

5/21/2011 Sagrada Familia

5/28/2011 Discovering Feynman - by Lilly

6/4/2011 Twosome

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7/2/011 Hagerman Wildlife refuge

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7/24/2011 Best of Banff and Jasper National Parks

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8/13/2011 A Peek at Amsterdam and Netherlands

11/19/2011 This Autumn

11/26/2011 A Thankful Me

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8/22/2009 2009 Alaska Trip Highlight
8/29/2009 On the Biking Trail at Anchorage Coastline
9/ 5/2009 Destination Alaska - preparation for the trip of a life time
9/12/2009 A Pre-Cruise Excursion at Vancouver
9/19/2009 Wilderness Sea Kayaking at Sitka
9/26/2009 My Adventure - Gold Panning in Alaska - by Nicholas
9/26/2009 Whales at Alaska Sea
10/3/2009 Watching the Moon
10/10/2009 Denali Wilderness We Saw
10/17/2009 Mendenll Glacier Flightseeing and Walk about (Justin)
10/24/2009 Foliage in my Neighborhood
10/31/2009 Glacier, Ice Ages and Climate Change
11/07/2009 Having fun on Board Cruise Ryndam
11/14/2009 Sunrise at Grand Teton
11/21/2009 Thanksgiving Reflection

5/27/2010 Going Green

6/19/2010 Board Director

7/3/2010 My office

8/21/2010 This Texas Life