Saturday, January 16, 2010

Snow at North Texas

We typically go to Taos, New Mexico to have real winter fun. However from time to time we do get plenty of snow at North Texas. In this past seven years or so we had snow once a year. The big ones were the snow in January 2004 and the snow this Christmas eve. Traffic aside, we always have a lot of fun when it snows.

The 2004 snow was really heavy, it snowed the whole night on Friday night, and when we got up Saturday morning, it was still snowing. Looking out it was a white world around us: The trees in the front yard were heavy with thick snow, the backyard was covered with half foot snow. After breakfast, the kids rushed out the front door to play.

Justin was busy making snow balls - see how big a snow ball he made and Nicholas enjoyed snow sledding. Looking at pictures: How cute they were then. How fast they have grown. Time really flies!

Playing in the front for half an hour, we went back into the house to warm up a bit - drank hot chocolate and then we went out to enjoy deep pristine snow in our backyard.

We got caught up by the winter snow storm this Christmas eve on the road (read the story) and missed the snow at home. I could only imagine how beautiful the Christmas lights would be in a white Christmas eve.

Fortunately it snowed again 5 days later. It started snowing late afternoon on December 29th. The snow was not heavy at all, it was however enough to cover the grass and trees, and Christmas lights were still on. Nicholas and I went out of the house to enjoy the snow. Colorful Christmas lights glowing in white snow, it was like a fairy land.

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