Saturday, June 19, 2010

Board Director

Tree lined streets, manicured yards and friendly neighbours make our community beautiful.

I really love this community and would like to keep it this way. In addition to keep my yard as nice as I can, I also participate in various community related activities. I call utility company when a street light is out. I call police when there is suspicious vehicle in front my house or my neighbours'. I have attended almost every home owner association (HOA) annual meeting, missing only one or two since we moved to here, so that I can voice my opinion in support of or opposing the board's proposals or actions.

Runnig for board director

Even though over 50% of the ~1000 households in this community are people of Asian origin, they are not properly represented on the board and in the attendees of the annual meetings. I started to think about getting more involved in the HOA after a few years.

Recent years the HOA board have been quite active in improving or building communal facilities, such as repaint the light posts, landscaping around the two community pools. Two years ago, the board decided to spend a large amount of money to build the green belt park. I, along with several other residents at that annual meeting, was opposed of the proposal on the basis that we had the beautiful Spring Creek Park at our door step, we should improve the green belt but should not spend handsome money building a new shelter there. The green belt community park was eventually built and it is very beautiful. However I still think that it was not a money well spent.

So when I received the letter from HOA about this year's annual meeting in March, I decided to run for the open position of director on the HOA board.

This year's annual meeting was held on a Monday evening in April at Davis library. When I got there, there were more than 10 people there already. As I signed in, the manager from the property management company was quite pleased and she announced my presence to the board members because I was the candidate running for the open board position.
In order to carry out a legitimate annual meeting, there is a 10% quorum. Due to the number of authorizations from HOA members, this year's meeting needed about 20 residents to be present at the meeting. At 7:30pm, the time the meeting was supposed to start, the manager announced that "we were close (to the quorum)", a few minutes later a couple more residents showed up, the manger announced again "We have it" - apparently with a sigh of relief.
The first business of the meeting was to elect two board members. I was running for the open position, and another board member ran for reelection. Both of us ran unopposed.

"My family has lived in this community for more than six years, we love it and I want to keep it that way. This is the reason I run for the open board director position ....." As I made the speech, I looked around at fellow residents. They listened to me attentively and nodded.

I was elected unanimously from the floor at the annual meeting.
Some Early Actions
HOA board director is a volunteer position. The first bussiness the board was considering after I joined it was the stone work project at the entrances to the community. I was sent information regarding a bid for the project. After reviewing the bid and a little online research, I asked a few questions about the bid and supported a motion to consider additional bids.
The board holds a meeting usually once a quarter to discuss HOA business. I attended my first board meeting at the end of April - we discussed first quarter financials, residents fee delinquencies and stone work and color change projects. The board voted to award the projects to the contractor with best bid - approximately same scope of work, similar material grade at lower price. The stone work project for entrances at Hegecox road started the last week of May and was still in progress on Memorial Day - one can easily see the the enhancement to the appearance of the entrances from the stone work. When this project and the color change project are completed, with fresh mulch, the entrances will look even better.
My position on the board is determined to be Secretary, responsible for taking board meeting minutes, social committee and HOA website. The first thing I did at this capacity was to supervise the update of HOA website information on crime watch and board member contacts. The next thing on my agenda is to make more residents sign up for HOA eBulletins and to increase awareness of HOA website.

I hope to make some positive impacts to our community while I am on the board.

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