Saturday, January 1, 2011

Custom Calendars

Note: All pictures shown in this post were artistically rendered by Justin.

Our family tradition of creating custom calendars started in November 2006.

The custom calendar for a new year is made from the best photos we took the previous year. Looking back at old calendars is like watching the highlight reels of our door activities in the years past.

The 2007 Calendar being the first we made, included photos from 2006 as well as 2004 and 2005: The January page is a picture of our snow covered house - the first snow we had in Texas in 2004. The photo in February page is the Cheetahs' first team picture in 2006. Then there were: Lily cooking barbecue in the backyard (May), a spectacular sunset at Plano on 12/31/2005 - picture taken in front our house (June), kayaking in Lake Murray in 2005(August) - the beautiful sight of a yellow kayak paddled forward by me made Lily want to kayak as well, Nicholas in a home-made Halloween costume at a community Halloween costume contest in 2004 (October) - which won Nicholas his first ever award of $15, and our 2nd skiing at Taos (December). The rest of the months were from the pictures taken during our 2006 Big Bend trip. 2008 calendar had a similar format as 2007's, a chronicle of the 2007 outdoor events. 2009 calendar focused on our Yellowstone trip, and 2010 calendar was all about our 2009 Alaska trip.

Over the years the format of our custom calendar has evolved. Now we have two versions of the custom calendar: one is nature centered for use at offices, the other is people centered for use at home. We also let Justin to try his Multimedia techniques to create one calendar for his own room.

2011 Nature version

January Snow in North Texas
February A Bird in the Front Yard
March Lake Millwood
April Wild Flowers in Spring
May A Northern Mocking Bird on our roof
June Double Rainbows
July Summer Palace in Beijing
August A White Headed Bird at Lake Ray Roberts
September A Butterfly
October A Dragonfly
November Lake Mineral Wells
December A Red Bird

2011 People version

January Camping at Millwood
February Skiing at Taos
March Lily and Allan at Meyerson
April Gershwin Concert
May Kayaking at Lake Mineral Wells
June Justin and Mom at Meyerson
July Nicholas paddling on Lake Millwood
August On a Hiking Trail
September Sisters at the "Egg" (Chinese National Gallery of Performing Arts )
October Siblings in China
November Rowing a Canoe
December Towering Trees

Note: We use - for cutom calendars. We are satified with its service so far

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