Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pictures of Snow Days

Heavy snow in the night of February 3rd foiled my plan to go to office the next day.

But the road condition was actually getting better - it was not as slippery as previous several days! The Sun came out Friday (Feb. 4) afternoon. The boys were allowed to go out play. Before dinner, Lily and I went out as well for a stroll in the community.
On Saturday morning, I got up ~ 7:30am. With a camera in hand, I went out to enjoy what nature offered: clear icicles, white snow, blue sky, bright sunshine and chirping birds.

What shown below are the pictures I took Friday (Feb. 3) afternoon and Saturday (Feb. 4) morning.
Playing in the Snow

Nick enjoyed snow

Lily's collection of icicles from cars


See the very long icicle?

first ray of sunshine in 3 days

A bright Saturday morning

Street Scenes - 1

The morning of 2/4/2011 - I could not see the road

A snowy Texas

a bit color in black, white and grey


Gravity and Heat at work

Snow covered street

A snow capped bird nest

Street Scenes - 2

The front yard of a Steelers' fan

footprints and bushes

Snow siblings

In the cold

a yellow bench

Enjoying the solitude


A cardinal

an orange breasted finch

A bird in my front yard Saturday morning

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