Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Casual Fan Watching Football Games

I started watching football  at a Super Bowl party many years ago when I was a graduate student. Not knowing anything about football, I asked the host the rules of the game, what to watch for ......gradually I could appreciate the game and now I watch NFL games regularly on Sundays.

When watching a game, I have to root for one side to enjoy the game.

The teams I have relative strong opinions are among the better teams - I rarely watch below average teams' games. The main factor that influence my opinions on a team is the personalities of the team - primarily that of its stars and head coach.

My favorite teams this year include Green Bay Packers,  NY Giants, and Pittsburgh Steelers. The main reason is that I like Quarterbacks on these teams - Packers' quarterback Aaron Rogers, Giants' Eli Manning,  and Steelers' Big Ben - who had off field issues this season though. They are humble, they respect opponents and they let the game speak for itself. Of course their glorious past that I witnessed is also a factor.

I also rooted for Denver Broncos. The reason was the media's unfair treatment of Broncos' quarterback Tim Tebow because he is a a very religious person. I rooted for his installment as starting quarterback on his team, I wished him success. When Broncos played my favorite Steelers during playoff wildcard game, I actually rooted for Broncos because I wished Tim Tebow well. What a game it was!

The teams I don't like this year include New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints.The reasons are their arrogance, or condescending demeanor, or pompous behaviors on the field and in the press room.I was pleased to see San Francisco 49ers beat Saints in the Wildcard game. I don't think I will watch AFC championship game between Patriots and Ravens. I wish NFC champions will be Super Bowl champions.

Despite the brutal physical nature of the football games, I enjoy the games for the the tactics and strategies coaches scheme, the athleticism players display, and the dramas that come with the games.

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