Saturday, April 28, 2012

Team Lunch @ Work

We started our monthly team lunch in 2010 as a part of efforts for team building. The rule is simple - each team member takes turn to pick a restaurant for the lunch, the person who picks the restaurant will provide the ride to the restaurant, and everyone pays his/her own bill.

It is a great team activity. Each team member takes initiative (selecting restaurant), communicates with everyone on the team (coordinating schedule), accommodates each other,  gets to know each other a little bit more outside work. It is a great social hour for us as well - we talk about all sorts of subjects at lunch table - vacation plan and experience, kids' education, home maintenance, food, election .......

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, the most appealing part of the team lunch to me is that I got to try a variety of restaurants I might not even think of going. In the past 18 months,we have been to mostly restaurants in Addison,TX:

1. Thai Orchard (Thai)
2. Clay's Pit   (Indian)
3. Oliver Garden (Italian)
4  Onsite Lunch - catering Tex Mex
5. Fadi (Mediterranean)
6. Scarlet bis (S. American)
7. Genghis Grill (Asian)
8. Humperdink (American)
9. Blue Goose (Mexican)
10. Clay's Pit 
11. Newnew (Chinese) 
12. Andinamo (Italian)
13. Glorias (Mexican)
14. Flavor (Indian)
15. Jason's deli (American)
16. Tofu Korean (Korean)
17. Blue Mesa (Mexican)
18. Loving Hut (Vegan - Chinese)

Because we have the lunch in group, some of us become more adventurous than usual. I had never heard of Tofu Korean, I picked it because its menu sounded tasty, its dishes looked great on advertisement. My vegetarian colleague picked Loving Hut  because it is vegan restaurant just opened for business recently. Both turned out to be very good choices and we enjoyed food there. My most favored restaurant in the list is Thai Orchard.

Most of us bring lunch to work regularly. So this monthly lunch out is sort of a luxury and a teasing point at home.It is indeed a great time for us to enjoy food and relax. It has become a tradition of our team.

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