Saturday, September 8, 2012

Biking in the Yosemite Valley

After hiking on the the strenuous Nevada fall trail, we changed our plan of going to North Yosemite the next day to biking in the Valley. It was an excellent decision.

We were so tired from hiking to Nevada Fall. The next morning, all of us got up late. I got up around 7am, and the rest of family around 8am. we finished breakfast around 9am. When we finally rent the recreational bikes from the "green tent", put on sunscreens, it was almost 10am.

The bikes we rent are single speed with wide handlebars. The braking on this bike is achieved via back pedaling, like children's training wheels. So one can not pedal too fast. It is good for sightseeing while biking though.

It was a Sunny day. The sky was dotted with white clouds, and there was a light eastern breeze.

Justin and Nicholas led us out of Curry Village. Right across an intersection, a large meadow was on our right, where I strolled in the morning. We continued toward Yosemite Fall direction, and in a few minutes, we were passing another large meadow. Looking up we noticed that there was water running at both upper and lower Yosemite Falls, which were dry the previous two days. The rain in the mountains the previous night replenished the creeks for the water falls. We were lucky to see the water falls - because at the time of summer, the falls actually are expected to dry up per Yosemite Guide. We stopped near the falls to enjoy the scene and sight, took a few pictures, and moved on.

Passing a small forest, we reached the Merced river, and a wooden bridge was in front of us. Another view of the Yosemite Falls, with the half full Merced rive at forefront. It was a beautiful sight nevertheless.

On the way to Happy isle, we crossed the meadow north of Curry Village again, a deer was grazing in the meadow, with the trickling Yosemite Falls in the far away background.

Gently pedaling along the level, paved bike trail at moderate speed,  though it was close to noon, a bright Sun overhead, we did not feel hot at all. We enjoyed the approximately 10 mile "8" shaped biking trail in two hours comfortably.

At the end of the bike ride, we went to an ice cream parlor to indulge ourselves with scoops of ice cream.

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