Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pictures from an evening stroll - Photos by Justin; Essay by Allan

On a Saturday evening, Justin stepped out of the house with a camera in hand, saying that he would stroll around for his daily exercise.

He walked toward a local community park. 

On the way, he saw a basket of flowers in a neighbor's yard. Then a few roses grow out of a fence caught his eyes.

Despite a darkening cloudy sky, a patch of bluebonnets stood out from the surroundings.

A fire station was picturesque in the lights from a setting Sun behind thick clouds, 

He felt the beautiful calmness and solitude by the quiet pond.

The elegant lily flower definitely lit him up - it became his gift to mom.

I could feel that he was pleased with his evening stroll when he showed me his pictures. 

There are always something beautiful around us if we look for them - in nature or in society. 

A basket of flowers in a neighbor's yard 

Roses grow out of a fence

Bluebonnet - Texas State flower
Fire station by the park
A pond at sunset

a quiet evening
Elegant Lily

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