Sunday, April 13, 2014


Storms about 10 days ago brought much needed rain to North Texas, and really rejuvenated the landscape from its dormant state. It is time to enjoy the freshness the spring brings.

Last Saturday was a sunny but windy day. Instead of playing tennis, Lily, Nicholas and I went for a late morning bike ride around the Russel Creek Park via the big loop. There were not as many flowers along the route as last year, but the fresh green everywhere is more than enough to compensate for it.

Midway through the ride, we diverted to explore the newly constructed bike route underpass at Independence Parkway. The ramps to the underpass are narrow, and relative steep, and there is not a lot to see on the other side of the road. I guess that the underpass is more for people on east side of independence to have a safe bike route to the park than for any other purposes.

Going to the park is an easy joy ride for us, since it is downhill. Coming home is bit harder. Moving against the strong south wind on the way home was a bit strenuous. This 30+ minute bike ride was a good exercise. The sense of renewal from the green color everywhere was priceless.

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