Saturday, July 19, 2014

Seastacks at Olympic Coast

The first time we saw seastacks in person was at pacific coast near Olympic National Park's Lake Ozzette area. A peculiarly shaped island prominently stood offshore by itself - a seastack!  Looking around, closer to the shore, there were a group of seastacks to the north of this seastack, and a few more to the south of it.

We stood in the rain for 5 to 10 minutes by the shore listening to the pounding waves, looking at the mysterious seastacks. Right at the time we were leaving, the cloud broke, the sun came out, we went back to the shore and lingered around for 5 more minutes before hiking back to the parking lot 3 miles inland.

A seastack at the pacific coast near lake Ozzette
It was a gorgeous sunny day at Olympic National Park the last day we stayed there. We went to the coast in the afternoon to visit the famed first , second, third and Rialto beaches.

What a view the seastacks provide under blue sky !

Seastack at first beach
Rocky shore near first beach
Seastacks at second beach
Seastacks exactly as officially defined
Those seastacks in the haze were more mystifying - like land forms from another planet. They amazed us, and made us wonder, lose ourselves in our imaginations.

Seastack is a geological landform consisting of a steep and often vertical column or columns of rock in the sea near a coast, formed by erosion. The nature has been shaping them for millions of years!

stroll on third beach
giant drift logs - another work of nature
Rialto Beach
Hole-in-the-wall on a seastack

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