Saturday, January 2, 2016

A short stop at Las Vegas - by Lily

Las Vegas embodies many things that conflict with our life values, perhaps that’s why we haven’t been back for over twenty years. Yet it is a magic city that played magic for us twenty some years ago. It is the city where Allan and I shared our first road trip and eventually tied the knot. So when we made a stop at Vegas on Christmas day on our way to Zion National Park, Allan couldn’t help telling the “fairy” tale to the boys. Of course they paid no attention :).

We strolled down the strip, snapping photos here and there. The Sands hotel where we first stayed was long gone. But the pirates’ ship is still docked at Treasure Island. Mirage’s volcano is still active, and the "blue sky" inside Cesar Palace is still over our heads. 

Pirate's ship at Treasure Island 
Erupting Volcano at Mirage
'Blue Sky'
There are numerous new hotels and casinos. What impressed us the most is Bellagio. The lobby ceiling is filled with Chihuly’s glass sculptures. The atrium is decorated like a Christmas fairy land. Outside the hotel people gathered around a giant pond. We were there at perfect time to watch the water fountains dance to “sleigh ride”. The music, the lights, and the twirling water streams made a wondrous display.

Chihuly's Glasses
Dancing Fountain at Bellagio 



We ended the night by watching Penn & Teller, a magic show. Despite the late hours, the jokes and laughter entertained us till the end. It’s memorable Christmas day for us all. 

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