Saturday, December 10, 2016

Camping and Hiking at Palo Duro Canyon - Photo Journal (2)

We slept well despite the cold night  - with double layer quilts and heater. I got up earlier than the rest of the group ~ 6:30 am. I decided to hike the nearby trail by myself to see the sunrise. Local Sunrise time was 7:40 am.
I quickly got on to the GLS trail, seeing the sunlight touching the peaks of mountains, top of the canyons, moving from top downward, and my surroundings got brighter by the minutes.  
The sun rose around 7:40am at the Canyon. It peeked over the top of the canyon as I reached the 0.6Mile marker on the GSL trail. I turned around to go back to the campsite.

While I was enjoying the sunrise, a group of 4 wild turkeys visited our tent site
Lily got up and explore the valley a bit, she reached the river in the valley.
It was a beautiful crispy clear morning. we decided to hike on GSL trail before leaving for Bosque del Apache 
 Blue sky with thin white clouds made the colors brighter, and contrast sharper.We were closer to rocks and cliffs on this trail as well.The scenery on this trail felt different from those on the light house trail.
GSL trial is a multi purpose trail, we shared the trail with three mountain bikers. A couple early risers were returned from round trip hiking on this trail.
We took a quite a few pictures along the way, moving and stopping, but the average speed was about 1.5 miles per hour. We turned around at 1.5 mile marker and returned to trail head in 2 hours
There are quite a few type of wild life in the park, but we did not see many. In addition the the wild turkey visiting our tents, we met this road runner by chance
Palo Duro Canyon is a great place for camping and hiking, We enjoyed the park very much and wished that we could have stayed there one day longer to explore other trails and experience one more pitch dark camp night and starry sky.

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