Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunrise at Grand Teton

Last year during our trip to Yellowstone National Park, we first visited Jackson and Grand Teton national park for the first two days. On our way to Yellowstone, we watched sunrise at Grand Teton.

On that morning, we got up at 4:30am, drove in dark from Jackson in order to watch sunrise at 6am at Grand Teton. It took us about an hour to get to Grand Teton from Jackson.

Unfortunately we could not find the location rangers suggested for the best view of sunrise at Grand Teton. After a few tries, we simply stopped at a parking lot by the highway and waited for sunrise. It was still dark, and it was freezing cold, I could see frost on bushes.

Looking east, the faint early morning light revealed the mountains in the horizon, looking west, the Glacier covered mountains peaked into the clear sky, snake river was running at their feet. Just then the mountain peaks were lit up in orange light, and shortly after a flock of birds were flying by. (Click on the picture at right to see the birds)

Looking east again, it was still dark, the sun had not risen yet. In ten minutes or so, the east sky turned orange red, the sun was rising, climbing above a mountain - crescent shaped orange ball popped in front of the mountain, as if cut through it. The aura of the sun was mesmerizing.

As the sun was rising, we drove to a vista by the snake river, and sun was still climbing over a small patch of trees. We stayed there for a while to breath in the crisp cold air, and to enjoy the scenery - sun lit glacier covered mountains, silver water in snake river.

During travel, we rarely watch sunrise, however it is always a visual feast when we did watch it.

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