Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bright Colors around Us

The autumn of 2009 brought us another season of beautiful colors, which has been as good, if not better, as last year. This year, Andrew, Benjamin and Nicholas from our soccer team Cheetahs joined me to record the foliage around us.

Here are what we saw in our neighbourhood this fall. The brilliant colors were everywhere - most striking of them were yellow, red, orange, blue (sky) and white(cloud). It was from big trees or from fallen leaves. It was around houses or at a pond.

A clear sunny day would give us the best contrast, brightest color, and the lively Ecosystem we have around us. Nicholas and I went out twice in November to take foliage pictures, once on November 1 and then two weeks later. We clearly observed the progression of the season. The second time around, many bright leaves we saw before were gone, and a lot more leaves were on the ground. In addition to take pictures of trees and landscapes, Nicholas was also interested in taking pictures of individual leave on the ground or on a tree. You can see more of his pictures in this online photo album

Looking around, we indeed observed the most beautiful moments, and most pleasant moments (cool, crisp air) of our community, the vibrant ecosystem. We are fortunate to live in this community. Please do stop to enjoy the beauty around you and help to keep it beautiful.

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