Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mommy is the best

In our household, mommy is the best.

She is fastest in playing card game 24. She is quickest in solving puzzles. Mommy is the smartest.

She makes all sorts of yummy food - dumplings, fish, beef stew, ... smells good, tastes delicious. Mommy cooks the best

She spends most time with us. She is fun to play with.

Nutrition, health, braces, grades .... She worries more about the kids.

She lets the kids have the best. She is busy with her work but she spends as much time with kids as possible. Mommy sacrifices more.

Study harder, eat healthier, get better grades, mommy demands more.

She worries more of the kids, she demands more from them because she wants the best for them, she loves them the most.

Mommy is the best.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!!

The picture: playing in the backyard of our previous house years ago.

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