Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lake Mineral Wells

Lake Mineral Wells is about 90 miles west of Dallas.It is man made, like most lakes in Texas. It is not among the most popular state parks and relatively small, a good site for a quiet short excursion. We went there during labour day weekend for hiking, kayaking/canoeing and camping, and for fresh countryside air, outdoor exercise, and closeness to nature.

The reservation made three weeks ago guaranteed us a campsite, and our arrival on the cool sunny Saturday morning landed us a campsite with lake view. After setting up the tent, we went for a short hike along the lake shoreline. The trail was not well traveled or maintained but the view was gorgeous - the dark blue lake, green forest around it, white blooming flowers, light red fruits of sort, purple prickly pears, dragon flies of various colors - green, yellow and black.

Canoe and Kayaking was a major activity during this trip. We raced a bit in the open water, we spent quite some time exploring the shoreline: A hawk of sort soared in the blue sky, another rested in a tree. Monarch butterflies feasted with bees on some white flowers. A hosts of dragon flies flew around; A pair of them rested on my kayak. A grand Egret was on the far side of the lake and a blue heron some distance away from it. A red breasted bird was chirping in the woods..... When we slowed down to observe, we saw wildlife everywhere.

Tent side cooking in the evening was a fun part for the kids. Both of them were eager to help their mom. The dinner they helped to make was delicious. After a evening hike at Timber Cross Trail, we went into the tent to rest and play card game 24. As night fell, we came out of the tent, it was quiet - except the buzzing of insects, and dark. I looked up. The night sky was full of stars, Milky Way was right over my head .......

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