Saturday, November 20, 2010

Autumn, Harvest and Thanksgiving

Autumn comes to North Texas later than usual this year. However, when it comes, it is as good as always - crisp air, blue sky, and splendid foliage. Last Sunday morning, I walked around our blocks to capture the magic of the Autumn.

As I stepped out of the house, I was instantly refreshed by the crisp cool early morning air, and the bright sunshine. My feathered neighbors were busy collecting wigs, nuts, ... and they were chirping all around. The splendid foliage looked so much more brilliant under the clear blue sky.

This red foliage is very common in our neighborhood

The blue sky, and the bright sunshine made this bright yellow leafed bush so much more beautiful. They also made mixed colored brown-yellow leaves look great.

The tall grass with white blossom at a neighbor's backyard is a standout among the common foliage of red, yellow, brown and green.


red fruit

pine cone - seed


yellow fruit

white nut - seed

What really drew my attention this morning was the different kind of fruits or seeds on the trees this autumn. They really symbolize what the season is all about - a season of fruition, a season for harvest.

What a beautiful Autmn we have!

I am thankful to Mother Nature for this brilliant Autumn Sunday morning. I am thankful to my neighbors for their plants/bushes/trees that bring the splendor near to my home.

Let us cherish and protect the planet we rely on, the community we live in.

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