Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Weekend Camping

We planned to have Easter Weekend camping with several other families at Lake Ray Roberts State Park. Due to weather forecast of thunder storms for the weekend, only two of the five families that went to the Park stayed for camping at night.

We went to Lake Ray Robert in late Easter Saturday morning taking Nick's friend Kevin with us. We enjoyed the park before the rest of our group arrived.

Flowers were blooming everywhere - yellow, purple, white and red and there were quite a few types of butterflies hovering around which were hard to capture on camera - When I got the Monarch like butterfly on my camera, Justin assured me that it was not a Monarch. It was not.

When we go to the Parks, I rarely pay attention to bugs. This time we had company of Kevin, who is fascinated by all sorts of bugs, and we looked at the nature from a different angle - in addition to grasshoppers, beetles, we actually observed a bug with shining blue shell!! We also saw a quite unique land turtle. We heard bird calling all over the park during bright day time - it is mating season. I could identify the chirping of northern mocking bird and cardinal.

When the whole party came to the park around 4pm, the children went to the lake beach - swimming or just playing sands, most parents and grandparents went for a walk on the trail before a hearty BBQ.

Around 8pm, as a weather front approaching, lightening in the horizon, the campers went to the campsite, and the rest went home. During the ensuing 90 minute thunder storm, Nick, Eric, Ian, Justin and Angela stayed in our big tent, playing patty cake, singing, playing games on i-touches, Lily and I lying on the air mattress resting. It was a calm night after the thunder storm. I had a very good night of sleep, waking up around 6:30am by the loud chirping of a cardinal on a tree right outside our tent.

The next morning, the children went for a walk with Eric's parents; Lily and I went for biking, so we got back to the campsite before the walkers did. Lily started cooking breakfast and I hid the Easter eggs. It was Easter after all. The younger children still had a lot of fun egg hunting!! They also had a make up smores after breakfast.

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  1. I have never been to the park, but wanted to when I lived in Arlington. Looks like you had a good time. The Rain must have been nice. We are over 200 days without rain out west. And of course everything is on fire.