Saturday, June 4, 2011


On the way home from Barcelona, May 20, I did not bring anything to read, instead I planned to clean up the 8G memory on my camera, which I stored almost all 2300+ photos taken since our Alaska trip in 2009. It took me two 1-hour stretches to go through all the photos and remove ~ 700 photos I did not want to store on the memory any more. While dozing off during the flight, twenty or so pictures of Lily and I kept flashing back:

It was Lily and I all bundled up on the deck of Cruise Rydam in front of Hubbard Glacier, held each other at waists.

It was Lily and I sitting on the scenic train from Denali to Anchorage, I leaned back on her.

We stood by Kunmin Lake at Summer Palace in Beijing

In Shanghai, People's square, I hugged Lily from back - hands expanded on top of hers - prominently displaying our 10 year anniversary ring and watch - both of us smiling.

Then on the trail of Caddo Bend at Lake Ouachita, we stood shoulder to shoulder .....

The photo of I hugging her from back reminded of a photo we had 17 years ago, at a 4th of July party, shortly after we were engaged. In the older photo, I was sitting on the lawn, one hand on my knee; Lily was kneeling right behind me, one hand on my shoulder, another holding my ringed hand. We showed off our $40 a pair engagement rings with wide smiles.

I smiled in my doze. I could not wait to be home with her.

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