Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hagerman Wildlife Refuge

During our June 18 blueberry picking trip to Sadler, TX, we also visited nearby Hagerman National Wild Life Refuge. Since we quit blue berry picking early than planned that day, we decided to go to Hagerman for a lunch picnic instead of staying at the berry patch. Unfortunately, the visitor center at the wildlife refuge was closed, we could not find a large shaded area with benches and tables for our large group. We picnicked under the tree shades by the parking lot! It was a little bit disappointing.

After the picnic we hiked on the Harris Creek trail, then most people were eager to leave, so I did not propose to drive around the refuge or to walk into the marshes where wildlife is. But I did know then that the refuge was very beautiful, with flush green marsh lands,many waterfowl, such as white egrets, grey herons, brown/black geese ... along with butterflies, dragonflies since we drove inside the refuge along a gravel road on the way to the visitor's center. Here is the proof.

There were many types of dragonflies on the Harris Creek Trail - well camouflaged, hard to see when they landed on bushes

There are many ponds in the refuge for water fowls

Geese and Egrets on the shore of Lake Taxoma

There are more egrets and herons in the marsh.

A grey/white heron? or a hybrid? This bird was all itself in this puddle - the lasting drought this summer is obvious.

Sunflowers were blooming

We planed to go back to explore Hagerman Wildlife Refuge this fall already.

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