Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Frozen Treat

It is summer. It is HOT in North Texas.

The boys have Popsicle or ice cream daily. But these summer feel good stuffs are too sweet, not good for their teeth, and not good for their health.

Lily tried to encourage them eating more fruit - slicing watermelon into cubes, putting washed grapes in boxes ....then chilled them in refrigerator. Even though these cold fruit were ready for eating, the boys still did not eat much fruit, they prefer the hard ice! So we tried to limit their consumption of Popsicle and ice cream - for example buying Popsicle/ice cream every other week in smaller portion.

Consequently Nicholas started putting grapes in a small box, freezing them and then eating the frozen grapes. I thought that this was a waste of energy, the fruit was frozen first and then thawed for eating, but I let him continue the practice anyway.

The fact is that chilled fruit is not cold enough for our boys.

Taking cues from Nicholas' practice, Lily starts to mass freezing fruit.

One pound of grapes, washed, put into 4 small boxes, placed in freezer.

Having a frozen grape, one first feels the sensation of ice cold. As one bites into it, the frozen grape juice melted and the cool grape juice spread, the sour sweet juice tastes really good. To tell the truth, I like frozen grapes - eating the frozen grapes fresh out of freezer - no thawing..

In fact, everyone likes the frozen grapes. The one pound frozen grapes are gone in less than 24 hours!

We now frequently freeze almost every juicy fruit we buy - grapes, kiwis, peaches, mangoes, cherries..... we also freeze bananas but not watermelon*. In this way, everyone eats more fruit!

Our favorite frozen fruit is frozen grape. Frozen banana is a close second.

* I like chilled watermelon slices better. The rest of the family likes the home made watermelon smoothies.

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