Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Nights at North Texas

In the blistering hot summer of North Texas, my sister and two distant relatives visited us last week.It was her first ever visit to my house. We managed to show them the best of North Texas life.

Dallas Arboretum at Night

Lily wished to visit Dallas Arboretum to see Chihuly at night after our visit there during Memorial Day. So it was natural that she picked the Arboretum as the first destination for our guests.

We went there Thursday evening and started with a picnic under the shade of an Arbor. The beautiful scenery in the evening along with ice water, cold produces, cool turkey, beef slices and croissant.compensated for the hot evening.

After the picnic, we walked around to see the garden and Chihuly's artwork while waiting for the darkness to fall. We have never been at the Arboretum in the dusk. The setting sun cast the garden and Chihuly pieces in a different hue,  and we were pleased to be there at that time of the day.

As darkness fell, the lights rendered Chihuly in yet another way, mystic and attractive. "The Sun"'s brightness lured tourists closer to it.  The "carnival boat" in the mirror like reflective  pond projected the festival atmosphere in the tranquil night. The lighted "reeds" spread in the Arboretum in the darkness intensified the mystic feel

Late Dinner at On the Border

After taking them to a day's shopping at Stonebriar Mall and Allen Premium Outlets, we went to On the Border for a unique Texas dinner - Tex-Mex around 8pm. The restaurant was full when we got there. The receptionists tried hard to make a big table for our group of 7, and we were finally seated after 15 minutes or so. We were almost full before starting to have our entrees of tacos,  quesadillas, fajitas...we had too much nacho with salsas.

The Texas style of hospitality of the waitress, the delicious food made it a very enjoyable dinner.

When we got home, a full moon in the clear sky was over our house, a breeze was blowing gently. It was a beautiful Texas summer night.It was a perfect setting for my sister's visit.

BBQ in the Back Yard and Night Stroll in the Community

Texas BBQ was one item they heard about before coming visit us. Lily, our master BBQ chef, delivered a beautiful table of BBQ food - ribs, sausages, Salmon, Scallop and veggies along with home made drinks for everyone in addition to red wine for adults.

Dinning, winning and chatting, it was past 8pm already when we were done.

We went out to have a group picture in front of my house and then continued to stroll in the community:
There were few people in the streets, there was birthday party at community pool, and the beach volleyball courts by Russel Creek Pond were full of youngsters and a few adults with two matches going on.

On the way back to my house, taking a trail cutting through the center of the Russel Creek park, we saw a few stars shinning in the sky, we saw lights in the horizon in all direction from streets and residential area glistening in the perimeter of the park, we felt the southeastern breeze. I felt wonderful.

Those were their glimpses of our simple, quiet and yet lively life at North Texas.

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