Saturday, October 6, 2012

One Extra Hour A Day of My Life - by Lily

As the kids entered a new school year, I started a new job. Since my commute is cut in half, I am essentially getting an hour of my life back every day. It is all mine by myself, without the interruption of the kids. I am totally thrilled by the prospect of this. There are so many things that I have wanted to do for so long, now I finally have time for them. I need some time at the beginning to catch up with the learning for my new job. But I won’t be bogged down by it. And one thing for sure I will not touch is household chores. I want this hour of my life to be meaningful and beneficial for myself.

I have more time to exercise, taking a morning run around the pond,  soaking up the golden morning sun ray, and admiring my white-necked friends trotting and hovering near the pond. 

I have extra time to tend my garden, watching the peppers turn into red and the purple okras shoot up toward the sky, amazed by an uninvited guest, double in size within a day. Hopefully the nest I made for her is good enough for her to turn into a butterfly.

I have time to take on home projects, learn a skill, and develop a new hobby. I finally opened the canvas and acrylic paints I ordered a few months ago and put them to use. It’s a joy to spend some quiet time in the morning mixing up colors and adding a few strokes on my canvas. Slowly but surely the shapes are coming alive. It’s satisfying to see the surprise on everyone’s face when they discovered my little “secret”.  

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