Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mangrove Wilderness at the Everglades

The Everglades is where swamp, marshland, birds, mangrove, alligators and crocodiles are. So when we visited there during our winter vacation, we looked forward to seeing alligators and crocodiles at their natural habitats, and grand Egrets sitting on top of Cypress trees, great heron standing at water's edge, manatees gently swimming in shallow water  ....

Where you go to look for them, and where they happen like to go that particular time dictates whether you see them or not!

The mangrove wilderness boat tour took us into the dense swamp and mangrove part of the Everglades where water is brackish, and mangroves are dense At the boat lunch area, a brown pelican lazily rested on top of post, nearby a grey heron patiently standing in the shallow water waiting fishes to swim by. As the captain sped up in the water way in search of dolphins, we saw many birds along the way.

As we made a few turns, we got into a Egrets paradise, hundreds of Egrets standing along the edge of mangrove As we were approaching mangrove formed tunnels to look for alligators,  and the air stunk big time. We did not see any alligators there, but the egrets flying in front of our boat was really exhilarating! 

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