Saturday, February 1, 2014

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a chain of small islands (archipelago) extending from the southeastern tip of Florida peninsula about 120 miles southwest into the sea. It separates Gulf of Mexico on its west from the Atlantic Ocean on its east. The portion of Gulf of Mexico close to the continent is also called Florida bay.

Best things to do at Florida Keys for us include snorkeling, para-sailing, kayaking, strolling the white sand beaches, looking at the sea, enjoying the sunshine and sea breezes, and watching the sunset at Key West.

Our plan to have a snorkeling trip from John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park was not realized. It was a beautiful sunny day. But when we were trying to book the snorkeling trip we were told that the wave at the snorkeling area was high, and as novices we should not take the trip! Instead we took a glass bottom boat tour to see coral reef. The coral reefs were beautiful but the choppy water made the tour less than ideal. 

Kayaking along the shore in the maze of mangroves was fun.

 See how shallow the water is at some places near the shore at the park. It looks like a paradise.

The best place to parasail might be at Key Largo where, on a sunny day, one can see the Everglades and the Keys at same time. The day we went to parasail was a cloudy day. The rest of the family flew into the sky via the parachute and I stayed on the towing boat to take pictures. Parasailing was truly a thrill. I regretted my decision not to participate -now I have to wait for sometime for next opportunity.

When it is Sunny, the beaches along the shorelines at the keys are absolutely beautiful: white sand, coconut trees, and emerald green sea.

Watching sunset at Key West sunset pier was an experience unlike any other sunrise/sunset watching we had before - the sea, the birds, the sails and boats, the large expectant crowd, the atmosphere, and the spectacular process of the Sun disappearing from the sight.

Notes: Key is derived from Spanish Cayo, meaning small island

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