Sunday, February 9, 2014

South Florida Trip Plan

The main attractions at south Florida include Miami, the Everglades, Florida Keys and Florida Bay. Our trip covers only the Everglades and Florida Keys. The best time to visit South Florida is the dry season, or December to March.

Day 1: Fly to Fort Lauderdale (instead of Miami for lower airfare)

Drive to Miami area
visit Biscayne National Park (currently boat rental and many recreation service not available)
Stay at Florida city or Homestead for easy access to the Everglades National Park

Day 2: Visit the Everglades and Big Cypress Preserve

Morning: Mangrove Wilderness boat tour at Gulf coast visitor center - migrating birds and potentially alligators

Afternoon:  short stop at H.P. Williams Roadside Park - small and beautiful, wild life viewing; Loop                  road scenic drive 
                 short stop at Oasis visitor center - small and a lot of alligators by the canal

                 Shark valley visitor center  - beautiful, plenty of wildlife - alligators and birds
                                                          17 mile biking trail or take a guided ram tour 

drive to Key Largo


Kayaking in the morning

Snorkeling trip in the afternoon or 
Glass bottom boat tour to view coral reef in the afternoon

Day 4: Key West  (120 miles from Key Largo)

stops frequently on the way to view various roadside vistas

Bridges - 7 mile bridge and etc
Curry Hammock State Park - decent beach, good place for kayaking and/or camping
Bahia Honda State Park - a must visit: beautiful long beach
Key West 
- various vista - southernmost point, beaches 
- sunset pier to view sunset

Day 5: Key Largo

para sail in late morning
relax in hotel
ride with dolphin in the afternoon

Day 6: the Everglades - Flamingo Visit center

38 mile scenic drive various stops along the way

Anhinga Trail is a must–see! This .8-mile loop trail offers one of the best opportunities to view wildlife, including alligators and birds, up close

Flamingo - wild life viewing  - view alligators and crocodiles at one location, numerous migrating birds, manatees, boat tours

drive to Fort Lauderdale area for next day early morning flight - enjoy some Cuban cuisine  

Day 7 - go home

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