Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Love Story

On this Valentine's Day, a great love story was told  during winter Olympic games

It was about Olympic Skeleton silver 
medalist Noelle Pikus-Pace. She retired after 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics wanting to be with her family and have more children. She had a miscarriage during the pregnancy of her third child, which was devastating. To overcome this devastation, she wanted to be pregnant again, but she took her husband's suggestion to return to the sport she loves and excels, to chase that elusive Olympic medal as a family. 

This is how they made it work. She trained at home: getting up really early to have endurance training, then taking care of kids, sending older one to school; weight training in the basement with younger one lingering around. When she went to world cup tours, the whole family traveled with her. On this Valentine's day, she finished her last run of the skeleton competition at Sochi, sensing that Olympic metal within reach, she climbed the stand to celebrate with her family, children in arms, kissing, hugging her husband, and keep shouting "we did it" "we did it".

I was so happy for her and her family that she realized her Olympic dream with.her family on this Valentine's day.

This story exemplified my belief that love in a marriage means being together, sharing one life. As we share our burdens, the burdens are halved, as we share our pain, the pain is reduced; as we share our joys, the joys are doubled, as we share our happiness, the happiness is amplified.

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