Saturday, December 1, 2012

Foliage in the Yards

Due to the big swings of temperatures this fall, the foliage came quite late and irregularly. It was not until Thanksgiving that I could observe some wide spread beautiful fall colors. I noticed that my block actually had the best foliage around our subdivision from jogging around the community on Thursday to Saturday mornings - Thanksgiving week.

On Sunday morning, Lily and I went out to exercise and to capture some autumn splendor.

It was a sunny, crisp Sunday.

Standing in front of our house, we took in the splendor of autumn right in our own yard. 

On the right, the golden yellow leafs just brightened a few more shades over night; on the left a mocking bird was sunbathing in the evergreen tree full of red fruit.On the west side of the house, the tree leafs displayed layered colors of red.

Looking down street, a huge volume of  bright yellow stood out in the block. It looked golden when I took a picture of it in back light.

Walking down the street,  I checked on the persimmon tree in a neighbor's yard  - I took some beautiful pictures of matured persimmons there several years in a row. This year it showed me its peculiar side, it had 4 pairs of double persimmons - each pair like twins joined at bottoms! I have never seen this before

Looking back at the direction of my house, under direct light, I saw this contrasting and complimenting colors under the blue sky.

Instead of the usual route of jogging in our community, we went to a neighboring community in hope of capturing some different feels of Autumn. It was a good decision.  An older community than ours, and more matured trees, a distinctive feeling there was that the streets were full of autumn splendor!

Autumn splendor in my front yard
The mocking bird who lives in my front yard
Varying colors 
The brightest foliage on the block under morning Sun
double Persimmons

Contrasting and Complimenting Colors

Purple flat bean and flower

A Colorful Street
Red in Yellow

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