Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving - Give Thanks

Be Thankful and give thanks! That is the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Lily and I are thankful to our Alma mater, we joined the alumni association as life members, and we donate to our school every year. We love to explore our national parks and state parks, and we donate to  national park conversation association and Texas state parks and wildlife fund every year.

This year I went a little bit further.

When we came home from our Yosemite Trip this summer. I saw a company email soliciting volunteers to be featured for 2012 charitable donation campaign "Giving Choice" : "We would like to feature employees at all levels across the company who participate in Giving Choices (either making a pledge or supporting a local fundraiser) by developing posters and flyers that do the following: Identify the employee by name, title, department, show the employee’s photo – not necessarily a professional headshot, but a photo of the employee volunteering or interacting with the charity that he or she supports through Giving Choice Include a sentence from the employee stating “I Give Because…”"

I just had a perfect photo for my causes -  preserve America’s national parks and Texas state parks. In this photo,  I was at Yosemite National Park on top of Sentinel dome. In the background, under my left hand was the Half Dome. I wore a Alaska cap (from Denali National Park), and a Yellowstone T shirt!!

I sent in this photo with my statement "I give because I want to help make sure that our state and national parks are around for many generations to come to enjoy just like I do. For this reason I donate to national parks conservation association and Texas state park and wild life fund."

My submission was chosen as one of the giving choice promotional posters. 

During the month of October, the poster featuring me was posted at the Cafeteria of my company. Hopefully my poster helped to convince a few more fellow co-workers to donate to the charitable causes of their choice. At the end of the October campaign, the 18 x 12 poster was given to me as a souvenir. I posted it by our kitchen at home.

When Justin came home for Thanksgiving, he noticed the poster. Friends joining us for this year's Thanksgiving Dinner also noticed the poster.  They asked what it was for and I was happy to explain and to promote charitable giving! The sphere of influence was a little bit bigger now.

Note: the full photo was posted in the "Half dome" post earlier.

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