Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Birthday - by Nicholas

Days have passed since my 11th birthday, although I still feel like I’m only 10 years old. In fact, on my 11th birthday, I had a perfectly normal day. Although people did say happy birthday to me, nothing changed inside of me. Nothing. Nada. Even though most of the world’s secrets remain hidden to me, I’m old enough to realize that change happens gradually. Still, you never know. Perhaps on my 12th birthday I’ll magically become much smarter than I am now. Or maybe it’s that I was learning, gradually getting smarter without realizing it and then something clicked for me and everything fell into place, like a jigsaw puzzle that’s finally been solved.

However my birthday did not go unrecognized. My parents, of course gave me gifts, a video game from my mother; things like that. I deeply appreciated that. Currently I have played for six hours and thirty-nine minutes, six hours and thirty-nine minutes of my life wasted, my mother says. But Pokémon Black 2 is a magnificent game. The need for experience points has gone down ( I think) making it easier to level up Pokémon, the graphics are slightly better; the storyline has become a bit more complex, but on the other hand, it’s more fun too. I had a great time playing with my birthday gift so far, and I’ll try not to lose it like my other Pokémon game, Soul Silver.

Overall, I had a great birthday and hope to continue to have a good life and be happy as much as I can, along with becoming smarter too!

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