Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break Ski Trip to Wolf Creek

Due to a dry winter last year and Justin's desire to ski with his friends, we went skiing during Spring Break for the first time and back to Wolf Creek. It turned out to be a great trip in many ways.

a community at Pagosa Spring, Co
The trip was organized by by a bible study group, and participated by eleven families. We joined in as friends of a family in that group. Five of the families shared three rented vacation homes at Pagosa Springs Colorado,

We arrived at Pagosa Springs last Saturday in a snow shower. The rented houses are in a newly developed subdivision, and the inside is impressive - huge family room with two story ceiling, fully equipped kitchen, beautifully decorated bedrooms. It is almost like staying in our "dream" vacation home!
Decoration in the family room of our "community center"
 The master bedroom Lily and I stayed in

One 3 bedroom 2 story house served as our community center. The five families had dinner together in this house every night during our stay. With several super chef moms, the dinner food was fabulous!  We also had a birthday party on the last night there.

The 2 bedroom house we stayed in served as a youth center. After dinner the 9 kids in this group,  mostly middle school/high school kids - 6 boys, 3 girls, Justin's friends and their siblings  would escape the "community center"  a short time after dinner to have their own space and activities without querying eyes of their parents. To my surprise, they actually played real games, "resistance" being one, not computer games. Being the youngest in this group, Nicholas actually enjoyed playing with big brothers and big sisters.

Lily and I were the only parents in this house as chaperons  We left them alone, and the only intrusion was to provide water and fruit as snack. We were also the "bad guys" to shut their party down at a predetermined time.
playing card game at "youth center"

Preparing fruit for the playing kids 
The snow shower made our first skiing day a perfect day for skiing, and marvelously beautiful. 

Because we ski as a big group, we got quit a few perks: when we arrived at Wolf Creek, the skis and boots were ready for us to put on, and lift tickets were handed to us shortly after. On top of the great discounts for lift tickets and equipment rentals, we also had a designated area for equipment storage.  We got these benefits thanks to Jason, the trip organizer.
Snow trees at the top of Alberta Lift
The ski trails were covered with powder snow, the sky was blue, the Sun was shining. The whole group split due to skill levels, preference or ages, to enjoy the snow. The kids were happy to enjoy the skiing and companionship at the same time - they had a blast. Lily and I were happy to ski at our own pace and by ourselves - we had a blast as well.

(to be continued)

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