Sunday, July 7, 2013

Perot Museum - by Nicholas

On July 4, 2013, Independence Day, my parents decided that we would visit the Perot Museum. The Perot Museum was a 6 story, 170 ft tall building featuring 5 floors of exhibits, both interactive and informative. 

Perot Museum

Water molecules
Life Hall
 In the lobby, we could already see dinosaur skeletons and water molecule models. After passing through, we walked down the musical stairs to the lower levels. There, they featured the recycled reef, where recycled materials were used to build a ‘reef’ with cardboard animals, and algae made of paper. Information was also given on recycling. When we had all finished designing and decorating our animals, we put them into the reef and left for other Exhibits. We interacted, read information, tried all the activities, but most importantly, had fun. We continued through the rest of the exhibits like this, learning, playing, having fun, it all made up for an amazing experience. On the upper floors the exhibits were about engineering, medical sciences, the Earth and some natural disasters, the universe, geophysics and prehistoric life, mainly dinosaurs and birds.
earthquake simulator

My favorite singular activity was the earthquake simulator where a platform shook as though an earthquake had happened. Also on the third floor, I enjoyed making waves, and looking at a machine that created  a mini tornado, which was completely harmless. My favorite floor however was the fourth floor. It talked about the Big Bang, stars, universes, and light. It was very informative and I learned many new things.

It was a very informative trip, I learned many new things about neurons, proteins, energy sources, aerodynamics, and such; I also wholly enjoyed my time there, while operating model cars, and playing around with a wooden mirror. I hope to visit another, similar museum, sometime soon.

mommy in front the wooden mirror


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