Sunday, October 6, 2013

Acadia Miscellaneous

In addition to adventures, one thing we looked forward to when visiting Acadia was to have fresh lobsters at great price. After a couple tries, we realized that we should not expect low price lobsters at Bar Harbor or any other small towns adjacent to Acadia. We did have quite a few lobster dinners - the lobsters were delicious but at price comparable to that at Texas.

At the rocky shore, tidal pools are places to check out the world under water at low tide time.

There are also many in land glacier ponds in Acadia National Park, the main ones are Jordan pond and Eagle Lake, Echo Lake and Long pond which provides totally different vistas than the shorelines.

The remnants are everywhere, most prominent, even to layman's eyes, is the balance rock on  South Bubble

There are many small things that add to Acadia's beauty, such as a hovering seagull over the boulders, the sound of bell on a buoy propagating over the Frenchman bay , white sail boats by harbors, sea birds on a pier, .....

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