Saturday, November 9, 2013

Early Autumn

One cold front after another keeps coming to North Texas. Mornings and days have turned to be pleasantly cool. Leaves have started changing colors here and there. Weather wise, the best time of the year at North Texas has arrived. In a week or so, it will be the most beautiful time of the year scenery wise.

Due to various schedule conflict, we have not been out to enjoy nature as a family since coming back from Acadia this summer. I persuaded the whole family for a quick outing at Oak point park on the Saturday after noon last week, to enjoy a cool day outdoor.  It was a bit early then to see foliage, and Oak Point was not a good place for scenery at this time of the year. The prairie there  is at its best  in late spring, and early summer. But I did see signs of autumn  - a bright yellow color here, a dark red color there. Along the biking trail near Parker road, a few people were picking fallen Pecans.

 In fact our neighborhood and surrounding area is a good place for foliage viewing. I recorded the splendor of autumn every year since 2008:

Nicholas and I went out a few times in 2009 to record the colors of autumn, Of course it is more than foliage for us to enjoy in the autumn, there are fruits hanging on the trees, there are families of wild life in the ponds, a recollection of the fall of 2008 in a post showed vivid pictures of that autumn. In 2010, I focused on the harvest of the year; and in 2011, the foliage was as good as ever, but what most special that autumn was that Cheetahs - Nicholas' soccer team - reached championship game in our city's youth soccer league for the first time. Last year, Lily and I walked in the streets of our neighborhood to capture foliage in the yards.

The gradual cool down this fall should bring another splendid autumn. 

(pictures below were taken last week at Oak point park and nature prereserves)

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