Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Lights

Right after Christmas Eve dinner, we drove to Deer Field to have a look at the community's famed Christmas lights for the first time.

Blocks and blocks homes were decorated with colorful lights from roof top to curb side with exceptions here and there.
Many lights were decorative, many others obviously had religious stories behind them, and Santa Clause's sleigh flying in the sky was quite common. A few of them actually running across street from one house to another, or running toward the top of a light post.

More extravagant ones include music controlled lights - one house's Christmas light was actually a part of a evening show of a local radio station. Another family's lights change with music on another local radio station,.On top of that they had a few robot Santa singing and dancing with the music in the front yard with one live person!

A truly over the top Christmas light decoration was at a house near the community's club. The house was draped with light curtains in the front, in addition to lights on the trees, in the yard and a light tunnel to the front door. They must have to pay thousands of dollars in December to put on the spectacular show.

The traffic got heavier as the night went on  - we drove a round a few blocks, and at the most popular areas around club house, we were fortunate to park our car at the club house and walked around to enjoys the lights without sitting in the traffic.

A more luxury way to enjoy the light show was to ride a horse drawn carriage, which was available to spectators. One can find more information at the community's website.

It is a worthwhile visit to the Christmas Light show in a community setting.

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