Saturday, December 7, 2013

Iced Foliage

The expected ice storm arrived at North Texas at midnight of Thursday as the forecast said .

It was 6:30 am or so Friday morning. Lily alerted me that she heard periodic "ta", "ta" sound from attic. I went up and found that the sound was from a turbine on the northern side of the roof. Fortunately I could reach the turbine from beams right beneath it in the attic and identified the root cause of the sound - the friction between the wind turbine and ice build up around a support leg of the turbine. First try of using a screw driver to break the ice was not successful. After breakfast, I gave it another try via light shocks - tapping the screw driver with a hammer - the chunk of ice was broken in a matter of a few seconds and the noise was gone.

Around 10 am, I decided to take a break from work (at home) and go enjoying the outdoor a little bit. 

Fully equipped with winter clothing, Lily and I went out. It was windy and cold, and sleet was still falling. The most creepy thing was the sound of cracking from ice on tree branches. Right at the door, icicles dripped from bushes. Looking around, there were bright colors in this wintry weather. The tree in our front yard still had plenty of leaves with various colors, there were three bright orange persimmons on ice covered branches in a neighbor's yard, and the red stop sign at the T intersection by our yard got goatees! Further away, there were a few down trees at neighbors' houses, and more bright colors in the white winter land. We only walked along our block.  It was cold but refreshing. We enjoyed walking in the hybrid of autumn and winter.

icicles on bushes 
Not a typical winter scene
Ice Coated Persimmons
Frozen Fruits
Brightened Ice
fallen trees in a neighbor's yard and a brave driver
Bent by the weight of ice
Side walk 
Enjoying the cold!
Stop sign with a Goatee 

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