Saturday, May 31, 2014

North Shore of Lake Ray Roberts

We have been to Lake Ray Roberts State Park many times. When we decided to go  there again this memorial day weekend for a two day camping trip, I proposed to go to the north shore part of the park - a.k.a. the Johnson branch for a change. Six families joined us, 4 of them with us on the first day, and two of them were there at our second day at the park.
Lake Ray Roberts

The camping site at Oak point of Johnson branch has a lot of wild flowers and bushes, few trees, and campsites are spaced out - it felt like to camp in a flower garden. This is quite a pleasant difference from most of camping sites we have been to.

Despite the low lake level, the kids really enjoyed playing in the muddy shallow water at the beach. They started with water fight which quickly evolved into mud fight between two groups. They had so much fun, and a couple kids not with the groups also joined the fun. About 1.5 hour later, they switched to fish for clams in the mud which lasted until BBQ time at 6pm, and Nick claimed that they harvested over 50 clams. They were in the water for ~ 4 hours by then.

The evidence of drought at Ray Robers

At night the boys roasted marshmallow by the camp fire and then played a hide and seek type of game around the camp site until 11:40pm


The late afternoon of the second day at the park was windy and rained for short period of time right before the sunset. We witnessed the emergence of double rainbows -  as the sun setting, we saw the rainbows growing brighter, from near ground to their apexes. It was a feast to the eyes.

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