Saturday, October 18, 2014

Friday Night TV Shows

Friday evenings and nights are lazy time for us: no real cooking and no work!

We used to dine out for dinner on Fridays for a long stretch of time when Lily worked at downtown. Then we switch to eat at home - but only easy cooking meals  - noodles, dumplings or pre-made Chinese pancakes.

Our favorite show after diner on TV has been Shark Tank on ABC for several years.

Shark Tank is a reality TV show about selected entrepreneurs of start-up small businesses seeking investment from a panel of investors - or "the Sharks".  We not only continue to enjoy the show, learn from the sharks and entrepreneurs, but also got to know the sharks pretty well - Mark is the shrewdest, Kevin is the meanest, Lori is sneaky, Barbara is straight shooting, Daymond is a nice guy and Robert has a soft heart. 

In addition, we actually bought a couple items from the small businesses featured on the shows. One item was a new design belt - which uses "teeth" for anchoring a belt instead of holes thus avoiding cracks at holes (shown in the photo). The other item is "wall doctor" - which is a dry wall repair kit, we used to repair a damaged dry wall.

This year another show on Friday night becomes our favorite - Last man standing - which airs ahead of Shark Tank. The show stars Tim Allen as Mike - a father of 3 daughters, with a geologist wife - thus the only man in the house. Tim was the star on the popular TV show Home Improvement which was my favorite show when I was at graduate school.

Mike is a true believer of traditional values and speaks his mind, an obvious conservative. On the other end of the political spectrum in the family is Mike's eldest daughter Kris and her boyfriend (and now husband). Politically the youngest daughter Eve is on Dad's side, middle daughter Mindy has no "political brain" - don't know and don't care. Mom Vanessa is the peacemaker on everything in the house -  she does not argue with her husband on politics but she is apparently liberal leaning.

It is a comedy show about a normal middle class family's life with light mix and right dose of politics - tremendously entertaining and relaxing.

Cristela is a new comedy inserted between Last man standing and shark tank. It is about a struggling  Mexican-American law school student Cristela living with his older sister's family and her mother at Dallas. The show is so far so good - light humor, clean jokes, and a realistic level of racial tension.

Starting with Last Man Standing  at 7pm, Cristela at 7:30om and Shark Tank at 8pm, all on ABC, these shows are clean, entertaining, enriching, and relaxing!

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