Saturday, November 21, 2015

Autumn, Foliage and Thanksgiving

We have had a wet, relatively warm autumn until today. Against the cold strong northern wind, I stepped out of the house on this cloudy morning to look for colors of autumn.

Leaves on many trees just start to change color, some are still green. So every time I did see some bright colors along the streets, in the alleys, or in the backyards, I stopped to take some pictures, frequently I had to wait for a minute or two to allow cloud pass and sun shine on my target for brighter colors. A neighbor's persimmon tree was full of fruit as always,  a tree full of red leaves was spotted between houses in a backyard. Standing under a tree full of  bright yellow leaves made me feel warm on this cold windy morning. The bright red leaves, blue sky, white cloud and green leaves formed a beautiful mosaic of color..... Despite a below average year for autumn colors, I actually enjoyed the foliage during my over one hour wandering in the community because I focused on what were out there, not what could be there. It is the same in life. I am thankful for everything I have - health, family and friends, home and community, life and work.

As I finish this post, this colorful bright sunny Saturday afternoon felt great!

The persimmon tree down the road in my street has another fruitful year.

in the front yard

in the backyard

along the street

The brightest red I saw this morning

by the pond

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