Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hidden Canyon at Zion

Zion has 4 dangerous and thrilling trails marked as "steep cliff" with long drop offs. The most famous of these 4 is the Angels Landing. We did not attempt Angels Landing due to very icy condition. We did hike two of the 4 trails  - observation point and hidden canyon trails. 

We hiked on the hidden canyon trail on the last day of our stay at Zion. We started on hidden canyon trail close to 10am. There were no body on the hidden canyon trail, we moved forward carefully.Blue sky, white snow, red rock, high mountains, and crispy cold air, it was perfect for hiking and enjoying the scenery. On the last portion of the trail, a U shaped trail, that hugs  the face of a nearly vertical cliff,  led to the mouth of the hidden canyon. We had to hold on to the chains on the wall of the cliff to prevent falling into abyss! This danger added excitement and adrenaline to all of us. I was a bit scared and Lily had no problem - in fact she took most pictures during the hike to record our adventure! 

When we got to the mouth of hidden canyon, a young man came out  - we were not the first to hike on hidden canyon trail that day as I thought earlier. We chatted with him briefly. He left, we had the place to ourselves again. Justin and Nicolas played with icicles which Justin from cliff edge, a bit, and we explored the hidden canyon for about half an hour before hiking back.

To truly immerse in the quiet, beautiful nature,  without disturbance, we need to have the place to ourselves only (hint - go out early!). We had many such immersions, they were always tremendously satisfying.

The hidden canyon trail and observation point trail share the trail head and initial quarter mile

It looks dangerous but it is not the most dangerous part of the trail

She had no fear of height

The portion with trial with chain - right hand side is vertical several hundred feet down
played with icicles and posed for a picture 

mouth of Hidden Canyon

Formation on the Cliff wall of hidden canyon

View of the Sky from Hidden Canyon

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