Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spring is coming

It is a sunny and warm morning, blue sky with scattered thin white clouds. I went out to try to capture the early spring. Peach trees, pear tress ....started to bloom after a couple weeks of  10F+ above normal temperature. Some other trees also start budding. But the best indicator that spring at this time is coming is that of bird's  ... northern mocking bird, american robin, blue jay, sparrows, house finches ....mating calls as well as flocks of birds flying around.

Blooming peach flowers
yellow flowers squeezing out of a fence  
A bush growing over a fence
Blooming peach tree in front a neighbor's house
a house finch taking off from a gutter
A northern mocking bird on top of a tree calling
callery pear tree is a very common tree in our neighborhood
an american robin in front of rice middle school

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