Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Outing - by Lily

It’s yet another beautiful spring day, what’s special is that none of us is busy. So we decided to visit Oak Point Nature Reserve again, picnic, biking, and enjoying the nice weather. Nicholas grudgingly agreed, only with the lure of picnic and promise of computer game afterwards. Given any choice, he would rather stay indoors with a computer or some books. We loaded up the bikes and headed to the park.

Oak Point Nature Reserve has become more popular this year with the opening of the new convention center and treetop adventure service. We had picnic in the woods by the pond, the “prince’s” special order – Nashville spicy hot KFC along with veggies and fruits. A pair of cardinals chased each other around in trees. Looking toward the pond, some people were fishing, two old ladies were painting, and several families were walking or biking.

After a satisfying meal, we mounted onto our bikes and headed south. We took our usual route by the pond, through the bridges and underpasses, passing Bob Woodruff park, and all the way until reaching the 230 year-old tree. Along the way, I saw equestrians, runners, and dog lovers. The woods are in the shade of early spring green, fresh and tender. The field shares the same lovely color only being decorated with sprinkles of flowers. The creek is flowing, thanks to the recent rainfalls, clear and lively. I stopped at times to snap a picture or two, then got back on my bike and paddled as fast as I could to enjoy the soft spring wind.

At the end of our bike ride, I noticed a small smile on Nicholas’s face. Apparently he enjoyed his ride, soaked in the smell of nature and the warmth of spring sun. I couldn’t help but to think back how I was like when I was his age. I was as nerdy as he is now and never did much outdoor activities. Marrying the right person has changed my life style a lot, allowing me to enjoy things that I never thought I’d like and to try things that I never thought I’d be good at, all of which make my life full. Hopefully with Allan’s guidance, Nicholas will learn to live a full life too.

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